4 for the Week

Here are four updates for the week from the Lautsbaugh tribe!

  • If you haven’t checked it out lately, you should really go to www.nosuperheroes.com  This is the website for Chris’s book.  Recently, Chris has started blogging and he is posting regularly Grace and it’s intersection with life and leadership.  Check it out and tell others!
  • This week Chris is in Worcester, South Africa teaching on the book of Revelation. He loves taking an often intimidating book and revealing the incredible hope and joy found within it.
  • Tomorrow we are having a celebration meal with our entire group of staff.  We were shocked to find out that with all the staff and their children we will have 180 people there!  When and how did that happen?!  God is so good and gracious this ministry, end of story.
  • A few days ago Lindsey spoke at our community meeting.  She spoke on “Vulnerable Praying”.  If you are interested, you can listen to it here!  Click to listen or right-click to download it.{jcomments on}






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