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For a combined 25 years, we have been working in Missions with Youth With A Misson. Want to know a little more about who we are beyond that?  Read on!

Chris began his career in Missions in 1991 at a Youth With A Mission campus in Maui, Hawaii.  He thought that he was going for a 5 month missions “experience” and little did he know that years later he would still be going strong in missions.  Chris describes his passion as teaching & discipleship and all that he has done in these past years fits into that.  He has worked with Discipleship Training Schools at YWAM Maui and then taught at the School of Biblical Studies at YWAM Montana.  Besides living in these two locations Chris has traveled a lot to do ministry and teach in many nations.  So far he has traveled to 35 nations! 

Chris is a licensed minister and has his Associates in Biblical Studies from the University of the Nations.  When asking former students to describe Chris and his passions most always you will get a one-word answer: “Grace”. On the personal side of things, Chris has a lot of interests and hobbies.  He loves good coffee and even roasts his own coffee beans in pursuit of the perfect cup of joe.  Reading is also something he enjoys, particularily biographies and books on finances. On a free Saturday will most likely find Chris chasing after his two boys, filling the house with lots of noise!

Lindsey entered a career in missions in 1996 when she joined Youth With A Mission in South Africa.  Years later she, also, is still going strong.  Her past experience is somewhat similar to Chris’s (that’s why we are a perfect match!).  She has worked with Discipleship Training Schools in South Africa and also worked and taught in the School of Biblical Studies at YWAM Montana.  Her heart has always been for Africa and see that continent grow and change, she has been to 18 countries so she has some catching up to do with Chris.  Ask someone to describe Lindsey and her passions and the response is almost always, “a hunger to make the truth relevent and real.” On the personal side of things, Lindsey likes to dabble in lots of side interests.  Most people don’t know this about her but she really likes to learn new computer programs and tools, this website is evidence of that!  Reading is also a passion and you can check out our Library page to see her recent reads.  A free Saturday would find Lindsey baking or cooking up some new concoction or perhaps drinking tea and eating breakfast with friends, her favorite meal of the day!

Garett Mark: 
Born in January 2005, Garett is one well traveled kid.  His name means “Gentle Warrior” and that is who he is.  He has an incredible excitment for life and whatever it brings but also has a very soft heart.  He will cry very easily if he sees another person or animal suffer or experience sadness.  Wherever Garett goes he makes friends and isn’t scared of anyone, a great trait to have for his current calling of being a missionary kid!




Thabo Christopher:
Thabo embodies his name, which means “joy”.  Our youngest son was born July 2006 and brings our family constant joy.  Thabo embodies the African approach to life; joyful, relaxed and people focused. He loves cars, soccer, music and being with his friends.  With a great senes of humor, he keeps a smile on our faces throughout the day.  






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