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Top Podcasts of 2011

The end of the year is a time for looking back.  We have been looking back over our website this past year and want to highlight some of the most popular things.  Here are the top three Podcast that we have posted for the year.  If you haven’t listened yet, please feel free to listen online or download for later!  If you enjoy these there are lot’s more of Chris on his blog

podcast-logo#1 Chris speaking at Grace Fellowship Church in Pennsylvania: “Grace”
#2 Chris speaking at new New Covenant Fellowship in Washington: “The Prodigal Son(s)”
#3 Lindsey speaking at YWAM Muizenberg in South Africa: “Naked Prayer”

(When you click on the link, it will automatically begin playing in your web browser.  If you want to save it on your computer to listen to later then “right-click” and choose “Save link as…”, “Save target as…” depending on your browser.)

Naked Prayer

This is a message that Lindsey gave at the Community Meeting of Youth With A Mission, Muizenberg.  She spoke on the Parable of the Persistent Widow and what Jesus has to say to about Naked Prayer; prayers the expose our vulnerabilities.  

Listen Now: Naked Prayer (click to listen or right-click to download)

Video Spotlight: Africa

{jcomments on}Recently, Chris was interviewed by our Communications Team for Youth With A Mission regarding Biblical training in Africa.  If you like to hear about things more than read about them than this video is a great update for you!  It is short and you will likely learn something new about what is happening here in Africa.  Thanks to Africom for making this!


Latest Audio Downloads

{jcomments on}We just wanted to highlite some new downloads that you can listen to.  

Here are two from Chris.  Earlier this year Chris spoke at Grace Fellowship in Pennsylvania. Since the Church’s name is “Grace” and Chris wrote a book on “Grace” then you can probably guess what he spoke on.  The second download is one he preached at New Covenant Fellowship on “The Prodigal Son(s)”.  

Download “Grace” message on Grace by Chris here.

Download “The Prodigal Son(s)” by Chris here. 

Lindsey spoke on “Hope” a few weeks ago at New Covenant Fellowship in Port Gamble, WA.

Download message on “Hope” by Lindsey here.

(When you click on the link, it will automatically begin playing in your web browser.  If you want to save it on your computer to listen to later then “right-click” and choose “Save link as…”, “Save target as…” depending on your browser.)

The Famous One

40626Have you ever been to Africa?  If you have, then you heard for yourself that Africa is the source of some of the greatest musical talent and gifting in the world.  We have some of that in our own midst and wanted to share it with you.  We have a wonderful co-worker named Famous who is not just named Famous himself but wants to spread the news of the the real Famous One, Jesus.  Famous did a Discipleship Training School with us and is now on staff.  He hails from the great nation of Nigeria. 

Click here to listen!

Death of the Modern SuperHero

Some of you may have seen via Facebook that I have launched my book!

superhero_coverDeath of the Modern Superhero : How Grace Breaks our Rules debuted last week in Lakeside Montana. The base threw a Book Launch party complete with music, book signings, with a superhero theme. Pictures will be available soon here on our website and Facebook.

Also there is a link below to the message I gave that night prior to the Launch. 

After 10 years of work, really hard work in the last two, a life long dream of mine has been fulfilled. Below I have pasted a write up on the book to whet your appetite:

Have you ever felt like you were just not good enough for God?

We are told we must be a good Christian, a loving spouse, a caring and involved parent, active in your community, and so much more. Can we ever make it? When are we good enough? Do we feel like we cannot succeed in this life unless we are a superhero with superpowers?

Grace takes these expectations of culture and society and turns them upside down. God gives us gifts at salvation that tell us we do measure up to God’s standard. We are pleasing to Him. No longer do we strive and work to prove ourselves, only to collapse in frustration and failure. Now we can live in grace, brining a new life of confidence and peace 

Death of the Modern Superhero explores these dilemmas and gives practical solutions to change our thinking to line up with the reality of God’s Truth. If you enjoy authors such as Philip Yancey, Jerry Bridges, and Brennan Manning; you will enjoy this book.

How do you get a copy?

There are several ways…

1. The best way for all authors is to buy their book directly from them. If you know I will be in your area, I will have books! For those in Pennsylvania and Seattle, we will be home this summer for the Worship Center’s Missions Homecoming from June 16-August 10. (I am planning a special Homecoming price!) In the future, direct orders will be available on our website, but not quite yet.

2. The next best way is through my estore.  Click Here to go there.

Should you desire a ebook format for Kindles, Nooks, and others, Click Here for that.  (The formatting is a little bit off in this format) 

3. You can also just buy it directly from

Any additional information can be found at which is the website for the book.

Thank you for being a part of this life dream becoming a reality. If you enjoy the book, tell someone about it or leave a review on

Audio Download

downloadFor those of you interested in downloading a recent message by Chris, here it is!  You can download it and listen to it on your computer or Mp3 player (such as an iPod).  Just right-click here and choose “Save as…” , “Save link as…”, “Save target as…” or what ever similar option your browser gives you.

If you enjoy it, then buy the book!


Twenty Years!

Here in South Africa we are celebrating the 20th year of the School of Biblical Studies on our Muizenberg Campus.  

Studies show that the average company or organization does not last more than 5 years.  What an amazing thing to be able to celebrate God’s faithfulness for twenty years and to know that we are still going strong.  

Here is a short video to show some of what has happened and to show how we are celebrating 20 years in the coming months.


Wanted: Bible Teachers

Here is a great video showing the need for Bible Teacher in the city of Cape Town, where we live.  These are the pastors that we work with, speaking for themselves about what is need in the body of Christ.  Thanks to Marysol & De Wet for making this!


YWAM Muizenberg Video

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Our campus recently had a promotional video done.  It is a great overview of many things that are happening through the ministry here.  Watch it and get an idea of what our life looks like!