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Video Spotlight: Africa

{jcomments on}Recently, Chris was interviewed by our Communications Team for Youth With A Mission regarding Biblical training in Africa.  If you like to hear about things more than read about them than this video is a great update for you!  It is short and you will likely learn something new about what is happening here in Africa.  Thanks to Africom for making this!


Twenty Years!

Here in South Africa we are celebrating the 20th year of the School of Biblical Studies on our Muizenberg Campus.  

Studies show that the average company or organization does not last more than 5 years.  What an amazing thing to be able to celebrate God’s faithfulness for twenty years and to know that we are still going strong.  

Here is a short video to show some of what has happened and to show how we are celebrating 20 years in the coming months.


Wanted: Bible Teachers

Here is a great video showing the need for Bible Teacher in the city of Cape Town, where we live.  These are the pastors that we work with, speaking for themselves about what is need in the body of Christ.  Thanks to Marysol & De Wet for making this!


YWAM Muizenberg Video

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Our campus recently had a promotional video done.  It is a great overview of many things that are happening through the ministry here.  Watch it and get an idea of what our life looks like!