Chris’s Reading List 2009

Fiction/ Sports
Therapy – Jonathan Kellerman
Certain Prey – John Sandford
Airframe – Michael Crichton
The Closers – Michael Connelly
The Winner – David Baldacci
City of Bones – Michael Connelly
A Few Seconds of Panic – (Sportswriter playing in NFL) – Stefan Fatsis
Hood – Stephen Lawhead
Angels Flight – Michael Connelly
Smoke Screen – Kyle Mills
The Collectors – David Baldacci
Double Homicide – Jonathan and Faye Kellerman
Absolute Power – David Baldacci
London Bridges – James Patterson
Sons of Fortune – Jeffrey Archer
Protect and Defend – Richard Patterson
The Midnight Club – James Patterson
Last Man Standing – David Baldacci
Lost Light – Michael Connelly
Stone Cold -David Baldacci
The Appeal – John Grisham

Finances, Leadership, Biography & Non Fiction
Whatever Happened to Thrift – Robert Wilcox
The Starfish and the Spider – Brafman & Beckstrom
The Post American World – Fareed Zakaria
Get Rich With Options – Lee Lowell
Game Over – Stephen Leeb
Investment Biker – Jim Rogers 
Lead On! – John Haggai

Organizing for Accountability- (Non Profit) – Thompson and Thompson
Hot, Flat, and Crowded – Thomas Friedman
Little Book of Bull Moves in a Bear Market – Peter Schiff
Nudge – Thaler and Sunstein
Developing the Leader Within You – John Maxwell
Exit Strategies for Covered Call Writing – Alan Ellman
Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiosaki
Yes! 50 Ways to be Persuasive – Robert Cialdini
Lead From Your Strengths – John Trent
Towards An Apostalic Vision – Alejandro Rodriguez

Built to Last – Jim Collins
Money and Your Brain – Jason Zweig
Enough – John Bogle

Personal Growth
UnChristian – David Kinnaman
For The Tough Times – Max Lucado
Faith Like Potatoes – Angus Buchan
Velvet Elvis – Rob Bell
Notes From the Tilt-a-Whirl – N.D. Wilson
Mad Church Disease – Anne Jackson
Love & Respect-Cracking the Communication Code – Emerson Eggerichs
The Present Future- Reggie McNeal

SBS / Bible Studies / Africa
Hidden Treaures in Biblical Text – Chuck Missler
In Their Sandals – David Hansen
Mosaic of Christian Beliefs – Roger Olsen
Biblical Hermeneutics of Liberation – Gerald West
Micah – Bruce Waltke
Ecclesiastes – Michael Eaton
Diamonds, Gold, & War- Making of South Africa – Martin Meredith
Making Disciples of Oral Learners – International Orality Network
Foreign to Familar – Sarah Lanier
Robert Mugabe – Martin Meredith
The New Faces of Christianity – Bel. the Bible in Global S.-Philip Jenkins
Pagan Christianity? Viola and Barna
Cross-Cultural Servanthood – Duane Elmer






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