Chris’s Reading List 2010

{jcomments on}This is Chris’s list for 2010.  Watch for his top books of the year!

Fiction/ Sports:
Cold Moon – Jeffrey Deaver
Divine Justice – David Baldachi
Pop Goes the Weasel – James Patterson
Scarlet – Stephen Lawhead
Worth the Wait -Story of 2008 Phillies – Jayson Stark
The Associate – John Grisham
Split Second – David Baldachi
Over the Edge- Jonathan Kellerman
Chasing the Dime – Michael Connolley
Total Control – David Balachi
In the Hall of the Dragon King- Stephen Lawhead
Velocity – Dean Koontz
1st To Die- James Patterson
Free Fall – Kyle Mills
Dead Void – Michael Connolley
The Black Echo – Michael Connolley

State of Fear – Michael Crichton
Cross- James Patterson
The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown
First Family – David Baldaci

Finances, Leadership, Biography & Non Fiction:

Trading Options at Expiration – Jeff Augen
The Trillion Dollar Meltdown – Charles Morris
Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell
ESPN: The Company – Anthony Smith
Real Leaders Don’t Do Powerpoint- Christopher Witt
Teach Your Kids to Think- Edward DeBono
More Hours in your Day – Dr. Brian Jude
The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell
Microtrends – Mark Penn
 Free-The Future of a Radical Price – Chris Anderson
The Long Tail – Chris Anderson
Notes From a Big Country – Bill Bryson
$20 Per Gallon – Christopher Steiner
The Big Short – Michael Lewis

Personal Growth: 
3 Big Questions for Frantic Family – Patrick Lencioni

Ruthless Trust – Brennan Manning
Sabbath – Wayne Muller
Here and Now – Henri Nouwen
Through Painted Deserts – Donald Miller
The Radical Reformission – Mark Driscoll
Going Pubic – Your Child can Thrive in Public School-David Pritchard
Grace Simply Grace – Ron Smith
The Ancient Paths – Craig Hill
Permission to Speak Freely- Anne Jackson
A Long Obedience in the Same Direction- Eugene Peterson
Sabbath – Lauren Winner
Messy Spirituality – Michael Yaconelli
What Is So Amazing About Grace – PhilipYancey

Obstacles Welcome – Ralph de la Vega

My Grandfather’s Son – Clarence Thomas
American General – Gen. Tommy Franks
Fischer’s Choice-Life of Bram Fischer – Martin Meredith
Confessions of an Economic Hitman – John Perkins
First Person – Vladamir Putin
The Family – Inside the Bush Dynasty – Kitty Kelley
Zuma – Jeremy Gordin
When A Crocidile Eats the Sun – Peter Godwin
Quiet Strength – Tony Dungy

SBS, Bible Studies & Africa:
Letters to a Skeptic – Gregory Boyd
Reversed Thunder – Eugene Peterson
Cross-Cultural Connections – Duane Elmer
Cross-Cultural Servanthood – Duane Elmer
The Self Publishing Manual – Dan Poynter
Successful Self Publishing in South Africa – Heather Lewis
His Kingdom Come – Jim Stier
What on Earth are You Thinking For Heaven’s Sake – Michael Cassidy
Dead Aid – Dambisa Moyo
How Christianity Changed the World – Alvin Schmidt
The Future of Justification:A Response to N.T. Wright- John Piper






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