Endings and Beginnings

Endings & Beginnings

When we rung in the year 2017, we had no idea we would be writing you this specific update. We plan, but God directs, and sometimes, changes ours steps. It is with a lot of emotions in our hearts to tell you our season of ministry in South Africa is coming to a close.

Recently, one of our sending churches, the Worship Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania offered Chris the job of Missions and Local Ministries Pastor. Initially, when the offer came we said we would pray, but the answer would likely be no. We were content and loved our life and ministry in South Africa. We had no plans of changing direction. But, when we prayed, it quickly became very evident to us that God was opening a new door for us. Unexpected… completely!

Within weeks of the initial conversation, with immense peace and confidence in our hearts, Chris formally accepted the job of Missions Pastor.

This likely comes as a surprise to many… just as it did to us. This is not an end to our journey in missions and ministry. But the expression is taking a different shape.

This is a 12 year season in South Africa coming to an end, as well as the end of our current season in Youth With A Mission. Chris has served 25 years in YWAM and Lindsey, 21 years.

In June we will be re-locating our family to Lancaster, PA. Chris will begin the job in July.

As we look at these past many years, our main emotion is gratitude. Immense and overwhelming gratitude!

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve with so many great people. Grateful for the opportunity to serve in this great nation. Grateful for every single faithful supporter through the years. You will have no idea how you have blessed us and blessed the nations of the world. Only in eternity, will you see the fruit of such faithful generosity to stand with us and many others. Words do not capture the gratitude of our hearts.

With that said, there is only one fitting way to close this update.

Thank you from our hearts…

Chris, Lindsey, Garett & Thabo

Questions & Answers

What does a Missions pastor do?

Chris’s role will be overseeing the 40 missionaries already on the field from the church. This includes providing pastoral care, visiting the works in person, as well as supporting and encouraging them. The church has a vision to continue this strong missions emphasis, so raising up new, younger missionaries will be a focus as well as linking the congregation with missions. The local expression of ministry will be targeting those in need in Lancaster county. Poverty, injustice, and loneliness are not unique to the foreign field, but are present all over the globe. The role places Chris on the leadership team of the church to help steer the thriving church of 4,000 people.

What will Lindsey be doing?

This is one of the largest areas of change for us, having ministered together our whole married life. Initially, Lindsey’s goal is to help set up a home, walk the boys through the transition, support Chris in his new job and figure out how to navigate this Amish laden town! As the dust settles on our whirlwind transition, Lindsey will be able to explore her expression of ministry and life in Lancaster County. She is very focused on getting the family transitioned and settled.


We will be moving from supporter based lifestyle to Chris receiving a salary with the church. We are asking if you would continue to support us through June so that we can make this transition. We still are doing ministry here and abroad as we transition roles and responsibilities. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask. The final day for donations will be June 30th. We would be very thankful for your continued support through the end of June in order for us to transition as well as possible.

Do you have family there?

This is the church Chris grew up in and his parents still live in the area. This will be the first time they have family, and most importantly, grandkids in the same city. They are obviously quite excited! Our excitement is expressed in two words: Free Babysitting!

The Boys

Many people ask us, “What do the boys think of this?” We shared with them before Chris officially accepted the job. It was important for us to hear from them what they thought of the idea. Initially they were both shocked… it was so unexpected. But, quickly the shock changed to excitement and both of them said they wanted to do it. Neither of them has ever lived in America, the photos above give a you a visual reality of how much of their lives have been in this country… all of it! In most ways, they are South African children moving to a foreign country. They look forward to exploring their American side and learning what this country is all about. They are also excited about the hamburgers.

Please pray with us for the many details of wrapping up life in South Africa and re-planting in Pennsylvania. The biggest one will be finding a house quickly so the boys can be registered for school in August.

Donations Until June 30th, Sent To:

The Worship Center

2384 New Holland Pike

Lancaster, PA 17601






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