Falling into Summer

It is the end of October but our summer has begun here in Africa.  Here is a bit of what we’ve been up to!

Teaching, Teaching, Teaching

We have been doing TONS of teaching lately, which we love. Lindsey has taught in our local Discipleship Training School (DTS) on Worldview, a Mom’s group, and our staff leadership conference. Chris taught three straight weeks on the message of grace in DTS’s in Montana, Muizenberg, and Pittsburgh (via skype). He was also able to teach in School of Biblical Studies locally and in Egypt as well as doing staff training in several of those locations. There is no shortage of opportunity in Africa!

Coming Home
We will be home again for the holidays. We made the decision with the expectation that Thabo’s paperwork would be ready for his citizenship. But it seems that we overestimated the speed that these documents can be produced. So, that will not be happening on this trip. Instead we will be able to have our first Christmas with both sides of the family. Chris’ sister has recently moved to the Seattle area, so both sides of the family will celebrate a West coast Christmas.

Publishing Projects
It’s finally time to let the cat out of the bag. I (Chris) have been writing a book and have been approached for another book_stack_02project. The book has been nearly ten years in the making. I have always wanted to have something to complement my teaching on grace. Two years ago, after hearing of some of the attacks on the message of grace in the church today, I felt compelled that I needed to add my voice to the defense of this part of the Gospel. The rough text is done, and now it is the hard business of editing, getting a cover design and deciding on a publisher. I hope to have the book in print  in 2011.
The other project dropped out of the sky. A co-workers father works for a major publishing house. While he was visiting South Africa, I showed him my book. That led to a conversation about a study bible project he is working on. He asked me to come up with a list of topics that could develop into devotionals to place in the discipleship Bible. He liked the list and told me to write a few. When he gave the samples to his boss, they offered me a contract to contribute to the Bible! So I am writing 24 devotional articles on discipleship to be place in the Bible. Oh yeah, the Bible is a Spanish language Bible. So I wont be able to read my own work, but I will see my name in the credits!

images-11University Dean’s Committee
Lindsey has added a new responsibility to her list. She has been asked to be on the Dean’s Committee for the College of Christian Ministries within the University of the Nations. This college oversees many of the worldwide training programs that YWAM has to offer. She also attended a “Think Tank” in Switzerland for a time of brain storming and strategizing for the future of the University. We consider it a privilege to have input in the mission in this capacity.






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