Many people are either curious about how we survive or wondering how to support us.  For the curious, it is true that our orginization, Youth With A Mission (YWAM), does not pay us one penny in salary.  YWAM has never paid a salary to any staff member in the history of the mission, this includes the President and the lawn mowers.  Each person that works in YWAM trusts God for churches and individuals to jump on board with their vision and to financially support this either by one-time donations or monthly donations, as many might give to a charity.   We have people that support us for as small as $5 a month and others support us for more than that, it all adds up and contributes towards helping us do the work that we need to do. For those interested in giving, all donations can be sent in one of many ways as given below.

If you are interested in donating, there are two ways you can donate. You can either donate to our personal support, which goes towards keeping us on the mission field (rent, food, clothing, etc.) or you can donate to our non-profit, Project Grace.  To find out more about what Project Grace does, click here.

Tax Deductible Giving by Mail:

The Worship Center
2384 New Holland Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601

For tax purposes please do not write our name anywhere on the check, include a seperate note with the check stating, “for the Lautsbaugh’s” or “Project Grace” depending on which you would like your money to be put towards.

Give Online by Credit Card:
We are currently getting our new website up to speed so that we can accept Credit Card donations soon!  If you want to contact us personally about this, click here!

Creative Giving:
If you are interested in other ways of giving besides money then click here to find out some of the stuff you might have and we might need!

Legal Stuff:
Contributions are solicited with the understanding that the donee organization has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.






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