A Hurricane of Grace

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This week was “@Home Week” for us.  This is the annual staff gathering, spending three full days with God and with one another.  There is only one way to describe what God is doing here in Cape Town, it is a hurricane of Grace.  Why?  Because we are seeing incredible growth and fruit which is beyond what we are capable of in the natural.  Our staff alone have grown to over 200 people.  It was amazing to hear of what God is doing through the ministries.

Multitudes of Muslims coming to know and follow Jesus.  The unemployed are getting jobs for the first time.  Neighbors are forgiving neighbors… after hearing the Bible taught, one woman forgave a neighbor who poisoned to death her young son.  Young people from Africa and around the world are being used by God to teach and minister in the nations.  One of our students was on death row in his country, before he came. But God is now using him to preach and teach the Bible.

This makes us so grateful to all who pray and give to us.  These stories are your stories.  Thank you for being part of this hurricane of Grace



Online Giving

One of our partner churches has offered its missionaries use of their online giving service. Here is the info you need if you are interested. 

Individuals can sign up for a secure account with The Worship Center where you can set up recurring or one-time gifts, give from a bank account or use a debit/credit card.

This secure giving account is at the Worship Center website: Once you have filled out the registration form, an e-mail will be sent to you with login instructions.

We are very grateful for the church offering this service to us as missionaries.  Many of you have asked us for this to make it easier, we hope this helps!






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