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Right now Youth With A Mission is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary.  During this year the founders, Loren and Darleen Cunningham are traveling to every region of the world to celebrate with the YWAM ministries in that region. That’s a lot of traveling!

Our celebration is this past week brought hundreds of staff from our Southern Africa region are gathering to celebrate God’s faithfulness.

During the celebration, as spent time rejoicing in the past and looking to the future. As a part of the future, our pioneer base in Botswana was recognized. Loren and Darlene personally commissioned and prayed over this base and the leader Lynette as our staff team surrounded her. What an amazing launch, the founders of the largest missions group in the world!  As part of this celebration, a magazine was made to tell the stories of the past 50 years and also to look to the future.  Our Biblical Studies ministry was one of the featured stories.  Below you can see the page and read the article. Thank you to our co-worker, Marysol, for writing a great story. Enjoy!

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