• Heading Stateside!

    Heading Stateside!

    Hello and greetings from COLD South Africa. Yes, Africa does get cold. With no central heating we have been bundling up and wearing multiple layers. In just a short while we will be heading to America for a few months.    Some of our highlights will be: – Family vacations. – The Worship Center’s mission […]

  • What Will You Do Now?

    What Will You Do Now?

    Greetings from summer in South Africa! You read that right! December and January in South Africa are the height of summer. The kids finish the school year and have a six-week summer holiday. Both the boys did excellent in school and will begin grades 3 and 2 in mid January. The theme of our recent […]

  • Spring is in the Air

    Spring is in the Air

    As many of you are ending your summer, we are ending our winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  Winter for us is a time of re-grouping and preparing for the coming 12 months.  Some highlights of what we have been doing and what is ahead: – We have been doing a massive renovation to the inside […]

  • A New Look

    A New Look

    Yes, it is true. WE ARE STILL HERE! It has been some time since we posted an update on This is largely due to the fact we have been meaning to do an Extreme makeover on the site.   Well, it’s in progress. Stay tuned for a new look and more new content! Thanks […]

  • From the Land of Reformation

    From the Land of Reformation

    Greetings from Geneva Switzerland!  Geneva is historically a place where transformation has taken place. The Swiss have applied Biblical values to see culture and the world change. Today, Switzerland has left some of their hertiage and turned to their own efforts. In the land of Swiss watches, international banking standards, and the seat of the […]

  • Falling Forward

    Falling Forward

    We leave in 4 weeks for a trip to the USA!  We are very excited but it is always a sprint to the finish line when we go on trips like this.  It can feel like we are falling down a hill! In order to prepare to leave a lot has to happen and we […]

  • A Hurricane of Grace

    A Hurricane of Grace

    (We apologize for the Email sent with an old update – here is our New and Most Up to Date News) This week was “@Home Week” for us.  This is the annual staff gathering, spending three full days with God and with one another.  There is only one way to describe what God is doing […]

  • August in Photos

    August in Photos

    While everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is enjoying summer, we have been enjoying (or perhaps enduring) winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  Beyond the cold, good things are happening.   Here is what’s happening lately, in both ministry and family, in photos. Chris has been busy teaching on his One Big Thing, Grace.  He taught three […]

  • July Newsletter

    We just recently sent out a newsletter to all those on our mailing list.  If you didn’t get it then click here to download it for yourself!  It has lots of exciting updates and pictures on how life and ministry is going here in South Africa. It takes about 3 minutes to read, so download […]

  • Chris’s Reading List 2012

    2012 Books Read Finances / Leadership / Non FictionThe Art of Christian Leadership – Jon BylerThere’s an Elephant in the Room – Matt RawlinsThe Heart of Christian Leadership – Jon BylerChoosing to Cheat – Andy StanleyPermission Marketing – Seth GodinTribes – Seth GodinHeaven Is a Real Place – Todd BurpoThe Executive and the Elephant – […]

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