Heading Stateside!

Hello and greetings from COLD South Africa. Yes, Africa does get cold. With no central heating we have been bundling up and wearing multiple layers.

In just a short while we will be heading to America for a few months.   linds and i

Some of our highlights will be:
– Family vacations.
– The Worship Center’s mission conference in Lancaster.
– Meeting extended family for the first time.
– Warm summer weather activities.


We would love to reconnect during our time. Please let us know if you are interested.

We will spend the month of July in Washington State and the month of August in Pennsylvania.

A newsletter will be coming your way soon to update you on all our ministry and personal news, including the purchase of a home here in South Africa!

See you soon!


What Will You Do Now?

Greetings from summer in South Africa!

You read that right! December and January in South Africa are the height of summer. The kids finish the school year and have a six-week summer holiday. Both the boys did excellent in school and will begin grades 3 and 2 in mid January.

The theme of our recent lives has been leadership.

By: BK

You are all aware that South Africa and the world lost one of its greatest leaders with the passing of Nelson Mandela. It was amazing to be here as the country embarked on a journey of mourning, celebration, and remembrance for what Madiba fought for and accomplished. I have never seen such a world-wide outpouring for any one individual.

The world is asking South Africa, “What will you do now?”

Our hope and prayer is that this nation embraces the values of Mandela even more in the coming years.

On a much lesser scale, both Lindsey and Chris have embarked on some leadership changes recently.

Due to the continued growth of the ministry, we have begun to restructure our leadership team. This change has allowed Lindsey to pass off many of the things she was overseeing. This is a good change. What started as a position able to be filled in a part-time role, grew to the job of 3-4 individuals. This change will be complete by March 1st.

photo 4Chris has also been able to pass off his responsibilities in the Biblical Studies team. In late November, we had a handover to the new leader, Nick from Zimbabwe. It was a wonderful time of celebration, remembering the past, and anticipating even greater growth in the future.

As news of these changes breaks, the very first thing on people’s lips is, “What will you do now?”

The answer is simple. The same things we were doing, only more of it! Instead sitting in endless meetings and logistical gatherings, we will embark on even more teaching, leadership development, coaching, counseling, and mentoring.

These changes will actually serve to make us more effective in using our gifts and abilities to serve in South Africa. One thing both of us are excited about is the ability to engage even more with local churches and ministries, rather than solely Youth With a Mission. We see this as an expansion of our ministry and effectiveness.

One final update is that of our pursuit of a house.

As many know this has been a long journey, filled with ups and downs. What will we do now regarding a house?

We feel that in the course of the next two years the time is right for us to buy. We’ve grown and learned things through the trials and past attempts. We were protected from a bad decision or two. But we feel now is the time. Twenty plus years of paying rent on a missionaries income has become wearisome 🙂 We have some set aside (including all past gifts) for a down payment. We are trusting for either the full amount, or a way to gain a small loan from an individual or institution in the US (since we cannot finance in South Africa) to make up the difference. (approx. $50,000)

Please pray with us in these next few months and years to see this happen. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support during the past year. Great things have happened in South Africa!

Merry Christmas!

The Lautsbaugh’s – Chris, Lindsey, Garett, and Thabo


Spring is in the Air

As many of you are ending your summer, we are ending our winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  Winter for us is a time of re-grouping and preparing for the coming 12 months.  Some highlights of what we have been doing and what is ahead:

– We have been doing a massive renovation to the inside of our main campus building.  Old carpet is out, wood floors are in, all the walls are repainted, leaks are fixed, the kitchen is re-done… you get the idea!

– Our paperwork and buildings are almost ready for inspection with the government so we can become a registered University.

– We have our annual Staff Gathering at the end of September.  Around 200 staff come together to re-connect, get refreshed and hear from God together.

– At the end of this month we will be receiving over 100 new students on to our campus to grow in God together.

– Chris is teaching in the USA, Togo (West Africa), and South Africa this coming term.

– Our boys enter their last term of 1st and 2nd grade… they have had a successful school year thus far!

– We just moved in to a new rental and are feeling settled and grateful for a new place to call home.

– We celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary in just a few days.

family_elephant copy

Thank you for your continued support of Project Grace, we feel so grateful.  God is on the move in South Africa and beyond and we hope you realize how much of a difference you are making.

A New Look

Yes, it is true.


It has been some time since we posted an update on Lautsbaugh.com. This is largely due to the fact we have been meaning to do an Extreme makeover on the site.


Well, it’s in progress. Stay tuned for a new look and more new content!

Thanks for your patience!

From the Land of Reformation

Greetings from Geneva Switzerland! 

Geneva is historically a place where transformation has taken place. The Swiss have applied Biblical values to see culture and the world change.

Today, Switzerland has left some of their hertiage and turned to their own efforts.

In the land of Swiss watches, international banking standards, and the seat of the United Nations, I had the privilege of partnering with Nations 2 Nations to proclaim the grace of God. 

Nations 2 Nations is an international movement committed to championing Identity, Dignity, and Destiny of all people from all nations. The vision is based on Revelation 7:9 where all nations are represented around the the throne of God in heaven.

“After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes…”

Together with Benny Prasad, a world record holder, I was able to minister in several venues in Geneva, Nyon, and Lausanne, Switzerland. We shared in churches, universities, missions gatherings, and even the United Nations!



In the most humanist of organizations, the gospel is having an impact. I met several high level workers in the United Nations. It is amazing to hear their stories of how the gospel is penetrating a very God-less organization. I had lunch with the man who oversaw 1.5 million refugees in Rwanda following the genocide. I was so touched by his heart to serve people in the worst of situations, using the platform the United Nations has given him. He has used my book, Death of the Modern Superhero, to teach Bible studies!

I met another African man who’s Christian convictions led him expose corruption at the highest levels of a UN agency.

My perspective on ministry grew in this trip. Government is often considered the darkest of areas. If gospel is having a major impact within the United Nations, it can anywhere!

What a gift and privledge to call the nation which historically spread the message of Grace thorughout the modern world, back to their foundations of Reformation. 

Falling Forward

We leave in 4 weeks for a trip to the USA!  We are very excited but it is always a sprint to the finish line when we go on trips like this.  It can feel like we are falling down a hill! In order to prepare to leave a lot has to happen and we also happen to be in a very busy ministry season.

Here are a few highlights of what is happening!

– We just welcomed 65 new students onto our campus for our three different programs!

– We are hosting a 3-week leadership event called Slingshot starting this weekend.  So we will have another 30 young leaders with us… the campus is buzzing with all these great people!

– Both of us have been teaching a lot in various Bible Schools and Churches.

– Both of our boys are doing so well and have really settled and thrived in the Primary school they attend.  Garett is finishing up 1st Grade and Thabo is finishing up Kindergarten right before we leave.

– Lastly, one of our ministries just celebrated their 10th anniversary.  They started with one small church in a home and now have 6 thriving churches throughout South Africa.  Below is a picture from the Celebration Sunday.


A Hurricane of Grace

(We apologize for the Email sent with an old update – here is our New and Most Up to Date News)

This week was “@Home Week” for us.  This is the annual staff gathering, spending three full days with God and with one another.  There is only one way to describe what God is doing here in Cape Town, it is a hurricane of Grace.  Why?  Because we are seeing incredible growth and fruit which is beyond what we are capable of in the natural.  Our staff alone have grown to over 200 people.  It was amazing to hear of what God is doing through the ministries.

Multitudes of Muslims coming to know and follow Jesus.  The unemployed are getting jobs for the first time.  Neighbors are forgiving neighbors… after hearing the Bible taught, one woman forgave a neighbor who poisoned to death her young son.  Young people from Africa and around the world are being used by God to teach and minister in the nations.  One of our students was on death row in his country, before he came. But God is now using him to preach and teach the Bible.

This makes us so grateful to all who pray and give to us.  These stories are your stories.  Thank you for being part of this hurricane of Grace



Online Giving

One of our partner churches has offered its missionaries use of their online giving service. Here is the info you need if you are interested. 

Individuals can sign up for a secure account with The Worship Center where you can set up recurring or one-time gifts, give from a bank account or use a debit/credit card.

This secure giving account is at the Worship Center website: http://www.worshipcenter.org/giving/. Once you have filled out the registration form, an e-mail will be sent to you with login instructions.

We are very grateful for the church offering this service to us as missionaries.  Many of you have asked us for this to make it easier, we hope this helps!

August in Photos

While everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is enjoying summer, we have been enjoying (or perhaps enduring) winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  Beyond the cold, good things are happening.  

Here is what’s happening lately, in both ministry and family, in photos.

Chris has been busy teaching on his One Big Thing, Grace.  He taught three straight weeks to three seperate groups this month.  

He had a fantastic time with a group of young people through one of YWAM’s ministries here in Cape Town, Bridge for Hope.


He also found himself in Madagscar for the first time with two of their Discipleship Training Schools. Chris had such a good time with these passionate and caring people.  


All teaching is no fun, though. He got to experience a little bit of Madascar’s wildlife. Yes, those are lemurs, only found in Madasgascar.


Lindsey just got back from the Eastern Cape in South Africa. She visited two of our outreach teams who were ministering in the rural areas. Also, during that time, she checked out a new property that YWAM Muizenberg might be acquiring.

fortwhite1 fortwhite2

The boys have been busy with school (Grade 1 & Kindergarten). But, boys being boys, they get into lots of mischief too. Lindsey channelled that love of all things slimy and made snail art with them. Simply dip snails in food colouring and watch the art unfold!

boysaugust{jcomments on}

July Newsletter

We just recently sent out a newsletter to all those on our mailing list.  If you didn’t get it then click here to download it for yourself!  It has lots of exciting updates and pictures on how life and ministry is going here in South Africa. It takes about 3 minutes to read, so download and have a look!


Chris’s Reading List 2012

2012 Books Read

Finances / Leadership / Non Fiction
The Art of Christian Leadership – Jon Byler
There’s an Elephant in the Room – Matt Rawlins
The Heart of Christian Leadership – Jon Byler
Choosing to Cheat – Andy Stanley
Permission Marketing – Seth Godin
Tribes – Seth Godin
Heaven Is a Real Place – Todd Burpo
The Executive and the Elephant – Richard Dafts
Great by Choice – Jim Collins
What’s So Great About Christianity – Dinesh D’Sousa
Notes From a Small Island – Bill Bryson
Love, Sex, and Happily Ever After – Craig Groeschel
Living Rich by Spending Smart – Gregory Karp
The Next Generation Leader- Andy Stanley
Deep and Wide -Andy Stanley

Personal Growth
What Good is God? – Phillip Yancey
The Flinch – Julien Smith
Desiring God – John Piper
Real Marriage – Mark Driscoll
The Gospel of Peace – James Richards
Going Deep – Gordon MacDonald
Who Stole My Church – Godon MacDonald
Empty Promises – Pete Wilson
Love Does – Bob Goff
Gracenomics – Mike Foster
Just A Little Bit More – Ryan Tate
You Are A Writer – Jeff Goins
One Big Thing – Phil Cooke
The Cure – Bruce McNicol
Grace- Max Lucado
Better Dads, Stronger Sons – Rick Johnson
Culture of Honor – Danny Silk
Trusting God – Jerry Bridges
Fresh Air – Chris Hodges
Jesus + Nothing = Everything – Tullian Tchividjian

Snowball – Warren Buffett & Business of Life -Alice Schroeder
Decision Points – George W. Bush
Lone Survivor – Marcus Luttrell
Churchill and America – Martin Gilbert

Missions/ Bible Studies / Africa
The Meeting of the Waters – Fritz Kling
Cross Cultural Servanthood – Duane Elmer
Saving Mandela’s Children – Dianne Lang
Eat This Book – Eugene Peterson
Wrecked – Jeff Goins
Who is this Man – John Ortberg
Church History in Plain Language – Bruce Shelley
The Bible


Fiction/ Sports

25 Fiction books read