Djembe Magazine

The Djembe is an African drum which is used to communicate the stories and music of Africa.

We are featured in the recent edition of Djembe, a communications magazine for YWAM Africa

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Chris, Lindsey, and the boys

Four by 4!

Hello everyone! We wanted to update you on some of the things which are happening in our lives. Here are four recent highlights:

Capricorn – a number of our staff have been ministering into an underprivileged local community. One of the amazing stories is of a whole household turning to God, receiving healing for high blood pressure and headache.! After living together for 12 years, this family is committed to getting married. Lives are being changed!

Bridge For Hope – a  branch of ministry family here in South Africa is offering job and life skills training. While giving practical and computer skills, they also deal with the whole person; addressing issues such as trust, forgiveness, and identity. A number of these participants have moved on to the Bible training program.

Growth – our campus is in a prolonged season of growth in training programs and ministries reaching into Cape Town. As members of the leadership team, we have needed to spend a significant amount of time looking at how to facilitate this. Growth is a good “problem” to have and we are excited about what God is a doing.

Australia – Lindsey recently returned from some international meetings held in Perth, Australia. Leaders of the 40 biggest Youth With A Mission campuses as well as representatives from each of the Faculties within our University were present. This was a profitable time for moving forward in the future. She was able to see some kangaroos as well!


Here are four more things coming our way in the near future:

No Superheroes – Chris’ blog continues to grow and we are being featured in a series of posts at Life Overseas, a blog by Laura Parker. Have a look! We are blessed to hear more and more stories of the impact his book is having.

Moving – there has been no movement on the sale of our house, so for now we are still in it. We know that moving is only a matter of time. Pray for the right house to rent, or should God (and the banks) allow it, the right place to buy.

Teaching – we continue to teach frequently in South Africa and abroad with opportunities coming in South Africa, USA, Madagascar, and within Asia.

School of Government – we are proud to be hosting the first such school in YWAM Africa.  It will teach Biblical principles on government which we feel is a key to transformation within this continent.

Thank you for all your partnership in prayers and support. Lives are being changed!{jcomments on}

Home Sweet Home Final Update

{jcomments on}We have been sending out regular updates regarding our campaign to purchase a home of our very own, here in South Africa.  It has been an amazing journey to see God provide the finances needed for the home.  We were so blessed by all who donated, prayed and wrote us notes of encouragement!

Unfortunately, in seeking to obtain financing for the remaining amount here in South Africa, we have been turned down. At this point we will not be able to purchase. We have gone to multiple banks and appealed multiple decisions to executive leadership.  This has been sad for us as every thing else came together so well with sufficient funds for a large down payment.  We have contacted all those who donated towards this designated project to let them know of their options with their donation.

Thank you again to all who prayed!  We trust that the door will still open in the future and that His timing is perfect for our family.  Please continue to pray for us as we begin to look for a new rental.

In the midst of this… life continues to move forward!

  • We welcomed 40 new students from South Africa and around the world!
  • Five outreach teams are currently working into South Africa from our campus.
  • Chris leaves this week for a 3-week trip to the States.  He will be speaking at YWAM Salem, YWAM Montana as well as two churches.
  • Chris has been blogging regularly and if haven’t checked it out you should!  Find it here.
  • This month, Garett turned 7 as well as started 1st Grade and Thabo started Kindergarten! 

We hope you have had a great start to the New Year, great things are ahead.

(Family photo at the top of a mountain hike, while camping over Christmas)

Top Podcasts of 2011

The end of the year is a time for looking back.  We have been looking back over our website this past year and want to highlight some of the most popular things.  Here are the top three Podcast that we have posted for the year.  If you haven’t listened yet, please feel free to listen online or download for later!  If you enjoy these there are lot’s more of Chris on his blog

podcast-logo#1 Chris speaking at Grace Fellowship Church in Pennsylvania: “Grace”
#2 Chris speaking at new New Covenant Fellowship in Washington: “The Prodigal Son(s)”
#3 Lindsey speaking at YWAM Muizenberg in South Africa: “Naked Prayer”

(When you click on the link, it will automatically begin playing in your web browser.  If you want to save it on your computer to listen to later then “right-click” and choose “Save link as…”, “Save target as…” depending on your browser.)

The Teachers

Chris recently went on a retreat with all of our School of Biblical Studies staff.  It was an amazing time for them to listen to God and to each other as they cast vision and then made a plan for the next 5-10 years.  What are we thankful for this year?  These people!  They are faithful and deeply committed to seeing God’s truth proclaimed in the continent of Africa. 

Who are you thankful for this year?

What they are saying…

Here are some updates from one of our staff and two of our students.  In their own words…


Thanks to for making up this graphic and collecting these quotes!

Naked Prayer

This is a message that Lindsey gave at the Community Meeting of Youth With A Mission, Muizenberg.  She spoke on the Parable of the Persistent Widow and what Jesus has to say to about Naked Prayer; prayers the expose our vulnerabilities.  

Listen Now: Naked Prayer (click to listen or right-click to download)

4 for the Week

Here are four updates for the week from the Lautsbaugh tribe!

  • If you haven’t checked it out lately, you should really go to  This is the website for Chris’s book.  Recently, Chris has started blogging and he is posting regularly Grace and it’s intersection with life and leadership.  Check it out and tell others!
  • This week Chris is in Worcester, South Africa teaching on the book of Revelation. He loves taking an often intimidating book and revealing the incredible hope and joy found within it.
  • Tomorrow we are having a celebration meal with our entire group of staff.  We were shocked to find out that with all the staff and their children we will have 180 people there!  When and how did that happen?!  God is so good and gracious this ministry, end of story.
  • A few days ago Lindsey spoke at our community meeting.  She spoke on “Vulnerable Praying”.  If you are interested, you can listen to it here!  Click to listen or right-click to download it.{jcomments on}