An Awesome Privilege

Yesterday, Chris had the awesome priviledge of being part of a Nigerian Baby Naming Ceremony for fellow staff, Steve and Mabel.  In many parts of Nigeria it is the custom to hold a ceremony 8 days after a child is born in order to announce the name of that child.  The naming of a child is very significant for them, as it is in the Bible.  A name means something about the destiny of a child and it is a proclamation of that Childs identity every time you speak it out.  Chris shared a charge and encouragment to the parents and then took the little boy into his arms in order to announce the name of the child for the first time to the community.  We all responded with thunderous applause!

This little boys name was Erioluwa, meaning “testimony of the Lord”.  He actually had 9 names total but the parents spared Chris from having to memorize and try to pronounce all of those!  It was an incredible ceremony giving deep gratitude and honor to God for his overwhelming goodness and blessings to Steve and Mabel.  We left feeling so thankful and a tad bit jealous that our own American culture doesn’t do something similar!

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At Home Week

We mentioned, previously, that we just had our annual staff gathering.  This is three full days together with all the staff of Youth With A Mission, Muizenberg.  This includes staff who run all our schools, mentor our students, run a diversity of ministries into the city of Cape Town and run all the logistics to make the vision happen.  

When we first arrived 6 years ago there were about 25 people at this gathering… as you can see God has blessed this ministry in the best possible way, with people.  We left the time with a heart of gratitude for these amazing people and excitment for the years ahead!



We have have had a very fulfilling return back to South Africa after our time in the States.  The children have gotten back into the routine of school and were thrilled to be missed so much by their friends.  We were also happy to see our friends and co-workers and also be here to welcome the coming of summer!  Here’s a little of what’s been happening…

We had the priviledge of seeing our Dischipleship Training School students graduate.  It is a huge “paycheck moment” when we get to hear how God changed their lives and their new vision for the future.  Here is Pascal, one of our graduates.


Both of us also came back and taught right away on the lecture phase of another Discipleship Training School on our campus.  We start a new DTS every three months so it is always lively around here!  Here is a picture of Lindsey with the class… they were a loud bunch of students who made you laugh constantly.


Just recently we had our annual staff gathering called “At Home Week”.  It is three days that we spend together, building relationships, praying, learning and looking towards the next year.  The first morning when we looked around the room we were so excited to see the amazing people God has brought to the ministry… there must have been over 120 of them.  We’ve lost count.

Here’s Lindsey leading one of the sessions.


We spend time praying together.


Hanging out.

at_home_2 at_home_3

Even the kids all come along and have some fun!


Lastly, we had a recent holiday in South Africa.  One of the most important holidays all year, National Braai Day! “Braai” is an Afrikaans word for BBQ.  You know South Africa takes this very seriously when they declare it a national holiday!  Every one has a braai and you can smell meat cooking from one side of the country to the other.  Literally. We had a great time eating our fair share of meat with some of our staff and students. 


This last week we just welcome 50 new students onto our campus… we will post updates soon!

Video Spotlight: Africa

{jcomments on}Recently, Chris was interviewed by our Communications Team for Youth With A Mission regarding Biblical training in Africa.  If you like to hear about things more than read about them than this video is a great update for you!  It is short and you will likely learn something new about what is happening here in Africa.  Thanks to Africom for making this!


Latest Audio Downloads

{jcomments on}We just wanted to highlite some new downloads that you can listen to.  

Here are two from Chris.  Earlier this year Chris spoke at Grace Fellowship in Pennsylvania. Since the Church’s name is “Grace” and Chris wrote a book on “Grace” then you can probably guess what he spoke on.  The second download is one he preached at New Covenant Fellowship on “The Prodigal Son(s)”.  

Download “Grace” message on Grace by Chris here.

Download “The Prodigal Son(s)” by Chris here. 

Lindsey spoke on “Hope” a few weeks ago at New Covenant Fellowship in Port Gamble, WA.

Download message on “Hope” by Lindsey here.

(When you click on the link, it will automatically begin playing in your web browser.  If you want to save it on your computer to listen to later then “right-click” and choose “Save link as…”, “Save target as…” depending on your browser.)

Happy Summer!

{jcomments on}We hope you are enjoying your summer and getting time to enjoy the sun.  We have had a fantastic summer so far.  We have been able to:

-Travel home to the States and see friends and family on both coasts

– Attend The Worship Center missions Homecoming for all their missionaries.

– Celebrate Thabo’s 5th Birthday and his first 4th of July as an American citizen.

– Enjoy all the great things that an American summer offers: BBQ’s, camping, hiking, swimming, watching baseball, long and warm summer days, playing with cousins,  the list goes on!

We travel back “home” to South Africa in two weeks time.  This is exciting, too, because of all the great things God is doing.  

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I recently returned from a trip to Cameroon to speak in their School of Biblical Studies (SBS). This location has quite a track record of producing school leaders. Two of the schools in Nigeria and a new school beginning in Central African Republic were started from this campus. Currently they are the only SBS in the French speaking world.

I taught like a madman while here, logging over forty hours of teaching in just a week. I spoke in their SBS, a community-attended night Bible School, did staff training sessions, and spoke at several gatherings. One of these was a conference on grace they organized for me. It was attended by over 200 people with several giving their lives to God each night. The trip was incredibly busy, but very profitable!



The Famous One

40626Have you ever been to Africa?  If you have, then you heard for yourself that Africa is the source of some of the greatest musical talent and gifting in the world.  We have some of that in our own midst and wanted to share it with you.  We have a wonderful co-worker named Famous who is not just named Famous himself but wants to spread the news of the the real Famous One, Jesus.  Famous did a Discipleship Training School with us and is now on staff.  He hails from the great nation of Nigeria. 

Click here to listen!

It’s the Simple Things

We thought we would share this simple yet exciting thing that happened recently.  We have a partner Bible School in Uganda.  Recently we asked them if they had any needs that we could help with.  It came up that one problem the students have is trying to study in their classroom.  You see, at night when they study, the lights are on and it draws all the mosquitoes into the room.  As a result of that, they get bitten and were often contracting malaria.  Students were not able to continue with their studies because of this.  

We found out the amount needed to put screens on all the windows and were able to raise it.  Now they are studying in a mosquito and malaria free zone!  They sent us some pictures of the screens being installed and we thought to share it with you!  Enjoy!