Death of the Modern SuperHero

Some of you may have seen via Facebook that I have launched my book!

superhero_coverDeath of the Modern Superhero : How Grace Breaks our Rules debuted last week in Lakeside Montana. The base threw a Book Launch party complete with music, book signings, with a superhero theme. Pictures will be available soon here on our website and Facebook.

Also there is a link below to the message I gave that night prior to the Launch. 

After 10 years of work, really hard work in the last two, a life long dream of mine has been fulfilled. Below I have pasted a write up on the book to whet your appetite:

Have you ever felt like you were just not good enough for God?

We are told we must be a good Christian, a loving spouse, a caring and involved parent, active in your community, and so much more. Can we ever make it? When are we good enough? Do we feel like we cannot succeed in this life unless we are a superhero with superpowers?

Grace takes these expectations of culture and society and turns them upside down. God gives us gifts at salvation that tell us we do measure up to God’s standard. We are pleasing to Him. No longer do we strive and work to prove ourselves, only to collapse in frustration and failure. Now we can live in grace, brining a new life of confidence and peace 

Death of the Modern Superhero explores these dilemmas and gives practical solutions to change our thinking to line up with the reality of God’s Truth. If you enjoy authors such as Philip Yancey, Jerry Bridges, and Brennan Manning; you will enjoy this book.

How do you get a copy?

There are several ways…

1. The best way for all authors is to buy their book directly from them. If you know I will be in your area, I will have books! For those in Pennsylvania and Seattle, we will be home this summer for the Worship Center’s Missions Homecoming from June 16-August 10. (I am planning a special Homecoming price!) In the future, direct orders will be available on our website, but not quite yet.

2. The next best way is through my estore.  Click Here to go there.

Should you desire a ebook format for Kindles, Nooks, and others, Click Here for that.  (The formatting is a little bit off in this format) 

3. You can also just buy it directly from

Any additional information can be found at which is the website for the book.

Thank you for being a part of this life dream becoming a reality. If you enjoy the book, tell someone about it or leave a review on

Audio Download

downloadFor those of you interested in downloading a recent message by Chris, here it is!  You can download it and listen to it on your computer or Mp3 player (such as an iPod).  Just right-click here and choose “Save as…” , “Save link as…”, “Save target as…” or what ever similar option your browser gives you.

If you enjoy it, then buy the book!


Marching On…

Is March really over already! Wow, time files. Good things have been happening with the Lautsbaugh’s here in South Africa. Here are a few snippets:

– The Swaziland Bible School runs for the 2nd time. Next year, the school we planted will be totally on it’s own and led by those working locally!

– Lindsey hosted a University of the Nations (YWAM) training seminar on our base.

– The boys are doing well in school, Garett in kindergarten and Thabo in preschool.

– Thabo’s third and final eye surgery has gone well.

– Our base has opened a prayer and ministry center for the community in Muizenberg.

– Chris fulfilled a lifetime dream by seeing his favorite band U2 in concert.

– Chris taught a church seminar on the book of Revelation.

– We had a successful leadership retreat as we move into the next phase of growth as a campus.

– Chris rode in the largest timed bike race in the world with 35,000 others.

– Friends and mentors Mark and Dawn Masucci came for a whole month to teach and do leadership development.

Chris’s Reading List 2011

2011 Books Read

Finances / Leadership / Non Fiction

Getting Naked- A Business Fable- Patrick Lencioni
In-N-Out Burger – Stacy Perman
What the Dog Saw – Malcolm Gladwell
Viral Loop- Adam Penenberg
How the Mighty Fall – Jim Collins
Home Game – Michael Lewis
Derailed – Tim Irwin
The Coming Generational Storm – Laurence Kotlikoff
Money Secrets of the Amish – Lorilee Craker
Switch – Dan & Chip Heath
I’m a Stranger Here Myself – Bill Bryson
Mentor Leader – Tony Dungy
The 1 2 3 Money Plan – Gregory Karp
What Got you Here won’t Get you There- Marshall Goldsmith
Talent is Overrated- Geoff Colvin
Leaders Who Last – Dave Kraft
Middle Class Millionaires – Russ Prince

Personal Growth
Captured by Grace – David Jeremiah
The Grace of God – Andy Stanley
Embracing Grace – Scot McKnight
Grace Eventually – Annie Lamott
Grace Land – Steve McVey
Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places – Eugene Peterson
The Great Divorce – C.S. Lewis
Rumors of God – Darren Whitehead & Jon Tyson
The Five Love Languages – Gary Chapman
Crazy Love – Francis Chan
Destined to Reign – Joseph Prince

Where Men Win Glory (Pat Tillman) – Jon Krakauer
Get in the Game – Cal Ripken, Jr.
A God Who Hates – Wafa Sultan
My Life – Bill Clinton
Beyond the White House – Jimmy Carter
Finding God Beyond Harvard – Kelly Monroe Kullberg
George Washington Carver – John Perry
Son of Hamas – Mosab Yousef

SBS / Bible Studies / Africa

Tithing – Douglas LeBlanc
The Problem of Pain – C.S. Lewis
Sabbath – Dan Allender
Generous Justice – Timothy Keller
Dust to Destiny – Reading Romans Today – David Seccombe
Blue Parakket – Scot McKnight
Run With the Horses – Eugene Peterson
The Prodigal God – Timothy Keller
One Man’s Africa – John Ryan
Cross-Cultural Conflict – Duane Elmer

Fiction/ Sports

The Book of Lies – Brad Meltzer
Fade – Kyle Mills
The Murder Book – Jonathan Kellerman
The Second Horseman – Brad Meltzer
Tuck – Stephen Lawhead
Roses are Red – James Patterson
The Overlook – Michael Connolley
The Race – Richard Patterson
4th of July – James Patterson
3rd Degree – James Patterson
Deliver Us From Evil – David Baldachi
2nd Chance – James Patterson
Trunk Music – Michael Connolley
Hide and Seek – James Patterson
Extreme Measures – Vince Flynn
American Assassin – Vince Flynn
The Lincoln Lawyer – Michael Connolley
When The Wind Blows – James Patterson
Run For Your Life – James Patterson
Gone – Jonathan Kellerman
Bad Love – Jonathan Kellerman
Jack and Jill – James Patterson
Private Eyes- Jonathan Kellerman
The Simple Truth – James Patterson
Rising Phoenix – Kyle Mills
Cat and Mouse – James Patterson
Mary, Mary – James Patterson
Step on a Crack – James Patterson
Term Limits – Vince Flynn

Top Reads in 2010

Looking back on 2010, Chris went over his reading list and selected his top books of the year.  Here are seven that are worth your time!

Top 7 Reads of 2010

What’s So Amazing about Grace by Philip Yancey – I recently re-read this as I writing my own book on grace. This book is timeless classic that may be more prophetic now with the clash of faith and politics than ever. Read it again! Read it often!

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell – I’ve used this book as examples in my preaching and teaching often. Read about the 10,000 hour rule!

When A Crocodile Eats the Sun by Peter Godwin– a stunning account of the demise of Zimbabwe under a cruel dictator. Told through the eyes of a white Zimbabwean family.

Sabbath by Wayne Mueller – One of my favorite topics and the least obeyed commandment in the church. Fresh and insightful.

$20 Per Gallon by Christopher Steiner– A refreshingly positive prediction of what could happen as gasoline prices continue to rise. Not doom and gloom. This may change the way you view some of the current political debates!

3 Big Questions for a Frantic Family by Patrick Lencioni– A simple yet helpful story to help you set “rallying cries” as a family from a renowned business consultant.

Fiction Special:  Free Fall by Kyle Mills – A great page turner. I’ve read several of his works and have enjoyed them all.{jcomments on}

America, America

We have landed in America and the fun has begun!  So far we are enjoying burgers, playing baseball (when the weather allows), eating ice cream and spotting American flags on every drive (the boys are amazed that they are EVERYWHERE).  It is great to be with extended family and also to have a bit of a slower pace as a family.  We look forward to seeing as many people as we can, it’s fun to catch up with old friends.

The boys are also enjoying the big parks, nice side walks for bike riding and seeing all the new things.  For example, Garett is amazed at how many shopping stores there are and he is perplexed as to why Daddy has to pump his own gas (it is done for you in South Africa).  Thabo asked, “Why don’t they have any South African flags?  Don’t they like South Africa?!”.

On another note, Chris preached in a nearby Pennsylvania church last Sunday.  The title of his message was, “Jesus+Anything=Nothing”. Intrigued?  You can listen to it by clicking here. (to Download it right-click and choose “Save target as” or “Save link as”).  

baseballboys{jcomments on}

Twenty Years!

Here in South Africa we are celebrating the 20th year of the School of Biblical Studies on our Muizenberg Campus.  

Studies show that the average company or organization does not last more than 5 years.  What an amazing thing to be able to celebrate God’s faithfulness for twenty years and to know that we are still going strong.  

Here is a short video to show some of what has happened and to show how we are celebrating 20 years in the coming months.


Falling into Summer

It is the end of October but our summer has begun here in Africa.  Here is a bit of what we’ve been up to!

Teaching, Teaching, Teaching

We have been doing TONS of teaching lately, which we love. Lindsey has taught in our local Discipleship Training School (DTS) on Worldview, a Mom’s group, and our staff leadership conference. Chris taught three straight weeks on the message of grace in DTS’s in Montana, Muizenberg, and Pittsburgh (via skype). He was also able to teach in School of Biblical Studies locally and in Egypt as well as doing staff training in several of those locations. There is no shortage of opportunity in Africa!

Coming Home
We will be home again for the holidays. We made the decision with the expectation that Thabo’s paperwork would be ready for his citizenship. But it seems that we overestimated the speed that these documents can be produced. So, that will not be happening on this trip. Instead we will be able to have our first Christmas with both sides of the family. Chris’ sister has recently moved to the Seattle area, so both sides of the family will celebrate a West coast Christmas.

Publishing Projects
It’s finally time to let the cat out of the bag. I (Chris) have been writing a book and have been approached for another book_stack_02project. The book has been nearly ten years in the making. I have always wanted to have something to complement my teaching on grace. Two years ago, after hearing of some of the attacks on the message of grace in the church today, I felt compelled that I needed to add my voice to the defense of this part of the Gospel. The rough text is done, and now it is the hard business of editing, getting a cover design and deciding on a publisher. I hope to have the book in print  in 2011.
The other project dropped out of the sky. A co-workers father works for a major publishing house. While he was visiting South Africa, I showed him my book. That led to a conversation about a study bible project he is working on. He asked me to come up with a list of topics that could develop into devotionals to place in the discipleship Bible. He liked the list and told me to write a few. When he gave the samples to his boss, they offered me a contract to contribute to the Bible! So I am writing 24 devotional articles on discipleship to be place in the Bible. Oh yeah, the Bible is a Spanish language Bible. So I wont be able to read my own work, but I will see my name in the credits!

images-11University Dean’s Committee
Lindsey has added a new responsibility to her list. She has been asked to be on the Dean’s Committee for the College of Christian Ministries within the University of the Nations. This college oversees many of the worldwide training programs that YWAM has to offer. She also attended a “Think Tank” in Switzerland for a time of brain storming and strategizing for the future of the University. We consider it a privilege to have input in the mission in this capacity.

Book Review: Love Does

(Chris writes)

Love Does by Bob Goff

 I recently finished reading “Love Does” by Bob Goff as a reviewer for Book Sneeze . This is a book that is a collection of stories from Bob’s life, followed by a lesson or point to ponder about God or our faith.

Bob Goff is an amazing story teller. His stories had me riveted, even resulting in laugh out loud moments. This never happens when I read! He has lived an absolutely incredible life and may rank as one of the most interesting people I have ever heard about . This guy would be a lot of fun to spend time with or have at a party. His style reminds me of Donald Miller.

Unfortunately this style does not impact me. I enjoyed the stories, but the points or lessons they told never struck me. This is me. I am not a lover of stories as application tools. I know many are, and I believe many in this generation will be impacted by this book. For me, it was a collection of interesting stories documenting an amazing man who has lived a unique and powerful life.

If you learn from stories, if you enjoy writings by the likes of Donald Miller, or even the popular leadership fables – then this book is for you. If this is not your style, you could still enjoy this book as I did in the form of a biography.

Fun Times

This is the time of year for review and starting anew.  In the third week of every September we have what is called “At Home Week”.  All of our staff make sure they are in town and we gather as a staff (120 strong!) to get input, pray about the year ahead and enjoy the great team that we have!  As part of that, there are always some fun events which get people out of their normal ministry roles and doing something fun (see pictures below).

Students have started to arrive for our new term.  We have about 60 new students arriving by this weekend from all over the globe for the School of Biblical Studies, Discipleship Training School and the Church Planting school.  

On the home front, we are doing well as a family. The boys recently decided to do a more “creative” hair cut.  Enjoy!