Cooking South African Style

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One of the best things about traveling has to be trying new food.  When you actually live in another country you get to learn how to cook all these fabulous dishes.   The past two weeks we have done South African dinners for both of our home churches (New Covenant Fellowship and The Worship Center) and it was so fun!  
We cooked up a few of South Africa’s famous dishes for about 100 of our friends and supporters.  Thank you to everyone that came and ate!  For those of you that missed these times, here is a sampling of what we had.  A lot of what we cooked was with ingredients brought over from South Africa.












First was Rice, hopefully you’ve seen this exotic food before!














Then we had Pap (Ugali for those of you in East Africa).  Pap is a staple food all over Eastern and Southern Africa.  It is made with dried white corn flour which is cooked with water until it forms a stiff pile of goodness. It takes some muscle to constantly stir this with a wooden spoon!















On top of these two starches was Babootie.  Babootie is a Cape Town curry dish made with ground beef and baked with egg on top.  It is our son, Garett’s, absolute favorite meal.  












With that is a common African salad made with tomatoes, red onions and cucumbers.  A little vinegar and salt is added to it and that is it.  There is no Hidden Valley Ranch in Africa and with food like this, we don’t miss it (although my husband might disagree:).












For dessert we had Malva pudding, a simple white cake soaked in a sweet syrupy sauce.  Delicious!










To drink with that is Rooibos tea.  Rooibos means “Red Bush” and is an indeginous tea to South Africa.  We brought it from South Africa because the American version is just not the same.  Normally people drink it with a little bit of milk and maybe some sugar.  













So there you go!  We cooked, we ate and we were full.  Hopefully if you joined us, you enjoyed trying something new!

A number of people have asked me for some recipes so I am going to put them here.  I have put the Babootie and the Malva Pudding recipe up.

For the Babootie, I had to write down a recipe out of something I just cook intuitively.  That basically means that I took my best guess as to what amounts of stuff I put in.  I’m sure yours will turn out fine.   If you do make these please e-mail us and let us know how it goes.  If you have questions also e-mail us and just ask.
I hope you enjoyed the virtual culinary traveling!

Malva Pudding
(In order to download these recipes in .PDF format, right-click on each link. For Microsoft Internet Explorer choose “save target as”, for Firefox choose “save link as”)

Alternately, you can cut and paste the recipes from this page.

Babootie and Malva Pudding

Here are the recipes for Babootie and Malva Pudding for you to cut and paste into your own document!  Enjoy!

Malva Pudding 

2 Cup Flour

2 Teaspoon baking soda dissolved in one Tablespoon vinegar
1 Cup Sugar
2 Tablespoon Apricot Jam

2 Tablespoon Margarine
pinch of salt

2 Egg

1 Cup Milk

First, make the “cake”.  Cream butter and sugar. Beat the egg and add to butter mixture. Add flour alternately with the milk. Beat Well.
 Add jam and baking soda/vinegar mixture. Mix Well.

Bake in a 9X13 inch dish at 350 deg. For approximately 30-35 minutes.
Serves 12-15

Next, make the syrup for on top of the cake.
2 Cup cream / milk / half and half (choose one)

1 Cup butter
1.5 Cup Sugar
1 Cup boiling Water

2 teaspoon Vanilla essence.

Melt all the ingredients on stove top until everything is melted and sugar is dissolved. This doesn’t need to be cooked, just heated up to mix together.  Pour over the hot cake, one cup at at time until the sauce stops absorbing quickly into cake.
Turn off the oven and put back in the oven to absorb the syrup. 
Serve with cream or Ice cream if you would like.    

Thank you very much to Mrs. Bragg from Port Elizabeth, South Africa whom this recipe originated from.  She is a great cook and this is a great recipe!  I have adjusted it slightly to reflect American baking terms and tastes. 

-Lindsey Lautsbaugh, 2010


Heat oven to 350 and have a 9 x 13-inch square baking dish handy.

2-3 slices white bread
1-2 cup milk

2 to 2.5 pounds ground beef (approx)
1/2 to 1 onion (if it is an American size steroid onion then use 1/2:)

1/4 cup raisins
3-5 tbs. curry powder (put in 3 tbs and then taste and add more to your liking)
3 tbs shredded coconut (plus more for serving)
approx 3-5 tbs chutney (plus more for serving) (if you don’t have chutney, apricot jam mixed with a 1 tsp vinegar could be used)  I normally add more than this, depends on how much sweetness you want to taste.

2-3 eggs

1.  Dice up bread and soak in 1 cup milk with raisins, set aside.
2.  On the stove top, cook onions until clear, add meat and saute until just done
3.  Add remaining ingredients including the bread/milk mixture & cook for 5 more minutes
**If dry (no excess liquid)then add more milk to the pan so that the meat is a bit saucy, also taste and add more curry powder if needed.  Add more chutney if you like it a little sweeter.
4.  Put meat mixture into baking dish
5.  Beat together eggs for topping and pour over meat mixture in pan. Spread it around with a fork so it covers the top. It will look thin on top but will puff up when baked.
6.  Bake at 350 until egg topping is set and slightly browned

This dish cannot be messed up… make it to your liking, adjusting anything.  It will turn out great!

Serve with Rice and top with extra coconut and chutney!

Happy eating!

Creative Donating

Since we work for a volunteer organization, raising financial support is an ongoing process in our lives.  We’ve both been with Youth With A Mission for a while (Chris, 18 years, Lindsey – 13 years) so we accept this part of the job.  Often we are asking people to consider giving to us in one-time or monthly financial giving.

But, there are other ways to support what we are doing.  We thought we would share some ideas with you.  Perhaps you might have something in your house or a skill you could donate that you were not aware of!

Cell Phones
Your old cell phone can be put to good use!  Perhaps you upgraded your phone recently or you get a new one every year or two because of your contract.  We can use those old ones!  Cell phones are very expensive in South Africa compared to many other countries.  We could use them personally or for our staff who often struggle to have the money for a new one when theirs breaks.  A cell phone in South Africa is essential, not a luxury item.  If you have one from prehistoric times or that doesn’t work… we couldn’t use those. It would need to be in good shape and dependable, but doesn’t have to be the absolute top of the line.  

Digital Cameras
Another useful tool is digital cameras.  These are a great blessing for our staff.  Many times they have amazing times of ministry and build great relationships but have no way of documenting it to communicate it to others or even just to keep memories.  If you have recently upgraded to a new camera but still have an old one that works well, consider donating it, it will be used for many more years!

Are you gifted in designing websites?  Especially using a common CMS?  This is a huge need for us!  We have several websites that  need to be done.  A big component of missions is communication and the web is one of the primary ways to do this.  If you are talented in this area and interested in donating some hours for free or for a small donation then let us know!

Graphic Design
This is related to the previous item.  We often need the use of a skilled graphic designer to make posters, brochures, flyers or web graphics.  If you or someone you know have a talent in this area and want to help out missions in Africa, let us know! 

Used Laptops
If you have a laptop you don’t use any more because you recently upgraded, don’t let it just collect dust!  Perhaps even you know of a company that often upgrades their laptops.  We are often looking for ways to get our staff and students laptops that are still in good working order.  As always, if it is from 1985 and works like an old rusty wagon then we probably couldn’t use it but if it is decent and stable then send it our way!

We try to make trips to the States as often as possible.  Many times, someone might be headed our way so we can ask them to bring it for us.  Let us know of something you want to donate and we can make arrangements.  We can even give tax-deductible receipts for this. 

Please e-mail us and let us know so that we can be sure to connect: lindsey(at) or chris(at)… be sure to replace (at) with: @

In the News

Right now Youth With A Mission is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary.  During this year the founders, Loren and Darleen Cunningham are traveling to every region of the world to celebrate with the YWAM ministries in that region. That’s a lot of traveling!

Our celebration is this past week brought hundreds of staff from our Southern Africa region are gathering to celebrate God’s faithfulness.

During the celebration, as spent time rejoicing in the past and looking to the future. As a part of the future, our pioneer base in Botswana was recognized. Loren and Darlene personally commissioned and prayed over this base and the leader Lynette as our staff team surrounded her. What an amazing launch, the founders of the largest missions group in the world!  As part of this celebration, a magazine was made to tell the stories of the past 50 years and also to look to the future.  Our Biblical Studies ministry was one of the featured stories.  Below you can see the page and read the article. Thank you to our co-worker, Marysol, for writing a great story. Enjoy!

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Wanted: Bible Teachers

Here is a great video showing the need for Bible Teacher in the city of Cape Town, where we live.  These are the pastors that we work with, speaking for themselves about what is need in the body of Christ.  Thanks to Marysol & De Wet for making this!


This, that, and the other…

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Seasons are changing, students are coming and going, buildings are being purchased, kids are growing… time marches on.  Lots of various events have been happening around us, here is a smattering of updates, enjoy!
For those that have been around our youngest son, Thabo, you may have realized he has a lazy eye (or “squint” as they call it here).  We have been consulting a specialist and found that he needed a surgery.  This was to correct his eyes which has also improved his vision and depth perception.  The surgery was done a few weeks ago and he did so well!  He looks great now and has improved vision!  Thanks to every one who prayed for him.

(Thabo & Chris at the hospital.)

Recently we posted about Youth With A Mission’s 50th Anniversary.  Our campus here in Muizenberg hosted the celebration for all of YWAM in South/Central Africa.  It was a big endeavor with over 500 people in attendance.  It went so well and Lindsey was especially proud of our School of Performing Arts students who did the opening ceremony with South African and African dances and performances. You can click here to read an article about the event.

Our School of Biblical Studies students are nearing graduation which is exciting for us all!  They are working hard to finish well.  We will post graduation pictures soon.
We were also able to purchase the building that we were needing money for.  We still need more money to pay of the private loans that people gave our ministry.  But, the building is legally ours which is a miracle.

Life carries on in other ways.  The normal routines of life we go through here in Africa as every one does around the world.  Lindsey is going on her third year of teaching Sunday School at our local church.  The thing she swore she would never do:)  Here is a picture of some of the kids… most weeks it is all boys as you can see. It can be wild but they are sweet kids (besides those two rascals in blue:)

The boys are doing well.  We recently had Garett’s parent-teacher conference.  The teacher reported that “I haven’t had to tell Garett to ‘sit still’ one time all year, he is so good”.  After we got over our shock, it was good to hear.  Thabo also is doing well.  He is interested in cars, dinosaurs and playing with his good friend and neighbor, Nasi (see below). Those two spell “trouble”!

Since we live in the Southern Hemisphere, we are in the winter season.  Most of you reading this are enjoying the beginnings of summer. Winter can be quite cold so that means lots of coffee, hot chocolate and reading books.  If you haven’t checked out our book list for 2010, then you can click here for Chris’s and here for Lindsey’s.  Here is Garett enjoying a good book and hot chocolate on a sunny Saturday morning date with Mom.

Check those lists through out the year as we keep them updated as we read.

The big news this winter is the coming of the World Cup.  For all of you Americans, this is the world soccer tournament. It is the most watched sporting event in the world (NOT the Olympics!).  Every four years it happens and this year it is happening in South Africa! This is a first for the whole continent of Africa, thus a very proud moment for all Africans. It starts in five days and we couldn’t be more excited.  It is like a madness has infected the whole country, flags are waving every where you look, people are smiling all over and there is just a general buzz of excitement.  As you can see, even the Grannies are getting into it.  Viva Football!!

Finally, we will end with something random.  We have lived here for a number of years so most of life seems “normal” to us.  That is, we are used to how things are done in South Africa and no longer notice the differences from our home culture.  But, every once in a while I  (Lindsey) see something and think, “If an American saw this, then they would find this very odd”.  I took a picture of one such thing last week.  I purchase eggs at the grocery store every week, don’t even think about it.  I randomly thought, this past week… “I think an American might find something odd about this picture.”  For all of you Americans, take a look and see what you notice is “out of place” from what you deem “normal”.

YWAM Muizenberg Video

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Our campus recently had a promotional video done.  It is a great overview of many things that are happening through the ministry here.  Watch it and get an idea of what our life looks like!


Project Grace

Project Grace exists to serve the
cause of Christ on the African continent.  
We have three main focuses to see this happen.

We have a Bible school in Cape Town, South Africa. Also we teach in other schools and churches, pioneering new Bible schools and supporting existing ones throughout Africa. We raise funding to mobilize teachers to go and share the Word throughout Africa and the world.

Providing scholarships to see African students trained in the Word of God.  Providing assistance and monthly financial support for African missionaries to serve.

Reaching out to the those suffering in society such as single moms, orphans, and people with HIV/Aids.  Providing practical assistance for those in crisis in the Cape Town area. 

Here are some people that Project Grace has been able to connect with:

In 2008, we had a dynamic man from the Ivory Coast join us for our bible school.  Mea came with a heart to understand God’s truth and put it into action.  Upon graduating from our course Mea returned to his home country and planted a church which is growing and thriving today.  A scholarship from Project Grace enabled this to happen.


Lindsey met Jennifer while walking through an outdoor market.  Jennifer was pregnant and without any resources to see her family through next day.  Lindsey felt led to assist this family through emotional & physical support.  For the last two years Project Grace has supported this family and others like it by providing food, clothing and other urgent needs.

Thomas & Butshwa are full time teachers at our School of Biblical Studies.  Both of them, from Africa, are people of incredible integrity and a heart to be involved in people’s lives.  Normally, missionaries and Bible teachers come from “Western” nations.  But, God knows differently.  People like Thomas & Butshwa are being used powerfully by God in our Bible school and around Africa to bring to people.  The truth that transforms nations.  Through donations, Project Grace gives monthly support to Thomas & Butshwa and others like them.


Legal Disclaimer: Contributions are solicited with the understanding that the donee organization has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.


Many people are either curious about how we survive or wondering how to support us.  For the curious, it is true that our orginization, Youth With A Mission (YWAM), does not pay us one penny in salary.  YWAM has never paid a salary to any staff member in the history of the mission, this includes the President and the lawn mowers.  Each person that works in YWAM trusts God for churches and individuals to jump on board with their vision and to financially support this either by one-time donations or monthly donations, as many might give to a charity.   We have people that support us for as small as $5 a month and others support us for more than that, it all adds up and contributes towards helping us do the work that we need to do. For those interested in giving, all donations can be sent in one of many ways as given below.

If you are interested in donating, there are two ways you can donate. You can either donate to our personal support, which goes towards keeping us on the mission field (rent, food, clothing, etc.) or you can donate to our non-profit, Project Grace.  To find out more about what Project Grace does, click here.

Tax Deductible Giving by Mail:

The Worship Center
2384 New Holland Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601

For tax purposes please do not write our name anywhere on the check, include a seperate note with the check stating, “for the Lautsbaugh’s” or “Project Grace” depending on which you would like your money to be put towards.

Give Online by Credit Card:
We are currently getting our new website up to speed so that we can accept Credit Card donations soon!  If you want to contact us personally about this, click here!

Creative Giving:
If you are interested in other ways of giving besides money then click here to find out some of the stuff you might have and we might need!

Legal Stuff:
Contributions are solicited with the understanding that the donee organization has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

About Us

For a combined 25 years, we have been working in Missions with Youth With A Misson. Want to know a little more about who we are beyond that?  Read on!

Chris began his career in Missions in 1991 at a Youth With A Mission campus in Maui, Hawaii.  He thought that he was going for a 5 month missions “experience” and little did he know that years later he would still be going strong in missions.  Chris describes his passion as teaching & discipleship and all that he has done in these past years fits into that.  He has worked with Discipleship Training Schools at YWAM Maui and then taught at the School of Biblical Studies at YWAM Montana.  Besides living in these two locations Chris has traveled a lot to do ministry and teach in many nations.  So far he has traveled to 35 nations! 

Chris is a licensed minister and has his Associates in Biblical Studies from the University of the Nations.  When asking former students to describe Chris and his passions most always you will get a one-word answer: “Grace”. On the personal side of things, Chris has a lot of interests and hobbies.  He loves good coffee and even roasts his own coffee beans in pursuit of the perfect cup of joe.  Reading is also something he enjoys, particularily biographies and books on finances. On a free Saturday will most likely find Chris chasing after his two boys, filling the house with lots of noise!

Lindsey entered a career in missions in 1996 when she joined Youth With A Mission in South Africa.  Years later she, also, is still going strong.  Her past experience is somewhat similar to Chris’s (that’s why we are a perfect match!).  She has worked with Discipleship Training Schools in South Africa and also worked and taught in the School of Biblical Studies at YWAM Montana.  Her heart has always been for Africa and see that continent grow and change, she has been to 18 countries so she has some catching up to do with Chris.  Ask someone to describe Lindsey and her passions and the response is almost always, “a hunger to make the truth relevent and real.” On the personal side of things, Lindsey likes to dabble in lots of side interests.  Most people don’t know this about her but she really likes to learn new computer programs and tools, this website is evidence of that!  Reading is also a passion and you can check out our Library page to see her recent reads.  A free Saturday would find Lindsey baking or cooking up some new concoction or perhaps drinking tea and eating breakfast with friends, her favorite meal of the day!

Garett Mark: 
Born in January 2005, Garett is one well traveled kid.  His name means “Gentle Warrior” and that is who he is.  He has an incredible excitment for life and whatever it brings but also has a very soft heart.  He will cry very easily if he sees another person or animal suffer or experience sadness.  Wherever Garett goes he makes friends and isn’t scared of anyone, a great trait to have for his current calling of being a missionary kid!




Thabo Christopher:
Thabo embodies his name, which means “joy”.  Our youngest son was born July 2006 and brings our family constant joy.  Thabo embodies the African approach to life; joyful, relaxed and people focused. He loves cars, soccer, music and being with his friends.  With a great senes of humor, he keeps a smile on our faces throughout the day.