Rwanda Twenty Years On…

I recently returned from a trip to Rwanda. This was the fulfillment of 6-7 years of prayer and preparation to plant a Bible School at the Youth With A Mission base.

I had a wonderful time teaching students from the region in both the Discipleship Training School and the School of Biblical Studies.


I met students and staff who had witnessed their families being slaughtered during this dark period of history.

In spite of this, it was impressive to see how far the nation of Rwanda has come in the last twenty years since a genocide killed more than a million people in just a few months.

Rwanda, like South Africa, used the power of forgiveness to bring transformation.


Rwanda in many ways has exceeded South Africa as they continue to implement forgiveness as a continual act.

Today Rwanda is one of the fastest growing African nations economically, is virtually free of corruption, and is peaceful enough to walk the streets alone at night.


It truly was a joy to see this nation “rise again” after such horrible events. I look forward to a return some day and continuing to see our Bible School grow and flourish.

Rwanda Flag


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