Summer 2016 Update

Women are Better Together <<<<

I (Lindsey) have been busy this year with The Exchange, a ministry to women in Cape Town. This year we have had a One-Day gathering and a full weekend retreat. A big thank you to so many that donated towards these events.

Women around the world carry a heavy load but in South Africa it seems to be almost overwhelming. The magnitude of what they carry in their families, churches, communities and work place is huge. For example, most women care for their own children as well as many other children in their extended family… and all on their own. They also deal with a very high level of isolation and just personal safety issues that is unique to this country. Their family situations can be incredibly complex and stressful. 

The goal is to renew their hope, strength and courage. We have times of worship and teaching but also really emphasize times of laughter, pampering and encouragement. One women said, “Every other time someone has prophesied over me, it has been to recall all my sins from the past. To tell me how terrible I am. Only at this retreat do I hear that God has good things for my future and is pleased with me.”

I’m looking forward to continue to develop these gatherings as well as other avenues to bless the women of this city.


Ending Bible Poverty >>>>

Chris has been very busy with the School of Biblical Studies here in Muizenberg as well as across the continent. We had the honor of hosting a leader from Togo, West Africa on our campus. Moise spent a month with our team as we continued to build our partnership.

Currently there are 9 School of Biblical Studies in Africa. Three more are expected to start in the next few months. In a continent with fifty plus nations, we have a lot of work to do! We long for the day when Africa is a missions sending continent, taking God’s word to the world.


Between the Headlines

Travels & Teaching
We say it a lot but we continue to teach both locally and beyond. A large part of what we do is teaching and preaching. If you are discouraged about the future, a view from our eyes might help. We are engaging with hundreds of young people in their 20’s and 30’s who are passionately committed to Jesus and following after Him. The future is bright!

Paper-Work and more…

Want to know what it is like to be in missions? Paperwork… all the time. There has not been one moment in the last 10 years in South Africa where we were not applying for or waiting on documentation we needed due to being foreigners. It is just a part of our daily and weekly lives.

We are proud that last year we became “Permanent Residents” of South Africa (like having a Green Card). Recently we got our South African Identification books… well, Lindsey is applying for an amendment due to being marked as “Born in the United Kingdom”:) Next up, South African drivers license… it never ends!

Local Church

Two years back we felt God ask us to give more time in our schedules to our local church here in Cape Town. We attend a wonderful church that is a big blessing to our family. We have been serving on the preaching team for Sunday services and helping teach in leadership classes. Lindsey was recently asked to join the church leadership team that serves the Senior Pastor in moving the church forward in it’s vision. These are all just voluntary roles. We have enjoyed the relationship immensely.

Family Update

On a personal side, we are all doing very well as a family.

In 5th Grade, Garett continues to excel on his school’s rugby team. He also started learning his 3rd language, Xhosa. When he’s not doing sports or homework, he normally is reading or playing Minecraft on the weekends.

Thabo is in 4th Grade and enjoying history this year in school. He started drum lessons and tried out for the school play. We are so proud he got the lead role of Mowgli in The Jungle Book! He loves to act and sing.

We are excited to travel as a family to the States this summer to connect with friends and family.



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