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  • Summer 2016 Update

    Women are Better Together <<<< I (Lindsey) have been busy this year with The Exchange, a ministry to women in Cape Town. This year we have had a One-Day gathering and a full weekend retreat. A big thank you to so many that donated towards these events. Women around the world carry a heavy load […]

  • 2015 Highlights

    Here are a few highlights from our latest newsletter! Merry Christmas and we wish you the best in 2016 Ending Bible Poverty <<<< It has been a fruitful year with the School of Biblical Studies in Africa. Chris leads the Hub for these schools in the African continent. This role includes providing support, encouragement, and […]

  • Equipping the Saints

    In 2015, both of us had a major new project we were working on. Here is an update! Bible School Leaders Gather in Togo One of my (Chris)  main roles is serving as the School of Biblical Studies Africa leader in Youth With a Mission. This role allows me to influence and encourage the Bible […]

  • A New Chapter

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The end of every year is a time of reflection and looking ahead to upcoming events. This has never been more true than in 2014 for us. Here are some highlights and previews of what is to come. We moved into our HOUSE!  After years of prayer, attempted purchases, […]

  • Training the Whole Man

    Training the Whole Man

    Who knew Grace and Internet Technology went hand in hand? Today I had a great opportunity to disciple some young men using my book on grace, Death of the Modern SuperHero. Some friends started a ministry called Together Tech. They pair Biblical training and IT skills with the focused outcome being sustainable employment. It is a […]

  • What Will You Do Now?

    What Will You Do Now?

    Greetings from summer in South Africa! You read that right! December and January in South Africa are the height of summer. The kids finish the school year and have a six-week summer holiday. Both the boys did excellent in school and will begin grades 3 and 2 in mid January. The theme of our recent […]

  • Spring is in the Air

    Spring is in the Air

    As many of you are ending your summer, we are ending our winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  Winter for us is a time of re-grouping and preparing for the coming 12 months.  Some highlights of what we have been doing and what is ahead: – We have been doing a massive renovation to the inside […]

  • Chris’s Reading List 2012

    2012 Books Read Finances / Leadership / Non FictionThe Art of Christian Leadership – Jon BylerThere’s an Elephant in the Room – Matt RawlinsThe Heart of Christian Leadership – Jon BylerChoosing to Cheat – Andy StanleyPermission Marketing – Seth GodinTribes – Seth GodinHeaven Is a Real Place – Todd BurpoThe Executive and the Elephant – […]