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March 2017 Update

School of Biblical Studies <<<<
God is really emphasizing the power of knowing His Word to change lives throughout Youth With A Mission. Chris has seen a big increase in his involvement internationally within the Bible School network of Youth With a Mission globally. In the last few months, he has been invited to be a guest speaker at the gathering of staff in both North America and Europe.

He continues to coordinate the network of 12 Bible Schools throughout Africa often visiting them for teaching and encouragement. In the beginning of this year alone he is visiting Egypt, Uganda and Madagascar.

The Exchange Women’s Ministry <<<<
Lindsey continues to reach out to women in the city of Cape Town. Last year’s retreats were the best ever for interaction, teaching, and refreshing. In 2017 we are continuing with the weekend retreats as well as more 1-Day seminars this year for more teaching and input on relationship issues.
As the ministry continues there is a growing network of churches, ministries and business’s that send women for these weekends. One local factory has asked to send 2-3 of their workers each retreat as part of their plan to raise up Christ followers in the business world. Each of these women are connected to a local church where they serve and relate locally. Thank you to all those who sponsor individual women, we are so grateful!

Distributors of Generosity <<<<
We oversee the non-profit organization, Project Grace. Through this entity, we are able to connect donors with local missionaries and ministries in Africa. Through the years the scope of this keeps growing. Often times local missionaries do not have access to donors to support their ministries. It has brought great joy to our hearts to serve as a bridge connecting incredible workers with generous donors. Sometimes these donors are known but many times they give anonymously. We continue to pray that God would make generosity a key element of our ministry.

Between the Headlines
Campus Growth:
Through the years we have mentioned how much our YWAM campus has grown. When we arrived there were 30 staff and a few training programs. We are now pushing 200 staff and actively run multiple Bible and discipleship programs. It keep growing each year! We personally serve on the base leadership team, specifically overseeing all staff and ministries with a passion for the Bible.

Throughout the City & Continent:
Chris recently visited the Bible school in Egypt and also spoke at the biggest church in Cairo (picture on left).
We both speak at a variety of venues in Cape Town throughout the year. This term we find ourselves in several local public schools. In March we are speaking at a local school to all their 7th graders… on sex! Pray for us:)

We work with many young ministry leaders through coaching and mentoring. One ministry we LOVE is called Sisterhood, a mentoring ministry to Grade School and Junior High girls in a local community. One of our young staff had a vision and has sacrificed a lot to serve these young girls. They meet in a converted shipping container in small groups every week, learning what it means to be a valued daughter of God. Here is a picture of Lindsey sharing with teenagers on “Love” in honor of Valentines Day. Fun times!

Marriage & Relationship Counseling: 
We have reached the stage in our marriage where we are an “older” married couple. Many young dating and engaged couples are seeking us out for input and guidance. It has been fun to guide these couples through the journey of dating and even heading to the altar.

Family Update:
It is hard to believe how fast our boys are growing up.

Garett has started Grade six and turned 12 years old. We nearly have a teenager in the house. This may be the year he catches Chris in height.

Thabo is in Grade 5 and is 10 and a half. The highlight of last year was playing Mowgli in the school production of Jungle Book. He did so well! He was chosen to perform on a national kids TV show which was a fun experience.

Both boys enjoy reading, video games and playing soccer. They are becoming experts in the Premier League of English Football (the other kind of football for our American friends). At school they continue to rise to the task each year. Both of them do homework in the languages of English, Afrikaans and Xhosa

2015 Highlights

Here are a few highlights from our latest newsletter! Merry Christmas and we wish you the best in 2016

Ending Bible Poverty <<<<

It has been a fruitful year with the School of Biblical Studies in Africa. Chris leads the Hub for these schools in the African continent. This role includes providing support, encouragement, and training to the schools on the continent.

This year he was able to visit Rwanda, Uganda, Togo and two schools here in South Africa. Togo was a highlight as they had a Hub Gathering, bringing together leaders and staff from 6 different Bible Schools across Africa. It was a gift to strategize with so many faithful men and women who are longing to see an end to Bible poverty in Africa.


The Exchange <<<<

It was exciting to see The Exchange women’s retreat finally take off this year! Women in South Africa carry a massive load in their churches, families, work and communities. This retreat was a time for them to come together and find fresh strength, hope, and courage in Jesus.

It was an amazing time of  relationship, laughter, teaching, worshipping, pampering, and of course eating!  We had such amazing and lovely women come to rest and receive. Almost all of them had never experienced anything like this before. On one afternoon we did manicure, pedicure and massages. So many of them had never had a massage in their life. It was a blessing for them not just receive spiritually but also physically and relational. One lady commented, “Just to be out of my community for two nights was amazing.”. She lives in a very intense and impoverished community and was able just rest away from her day-to-day


Light Shines in the Darkness >>>>

We often try to avoid telling the stories that might perpetuate the negative images that people have of South Africa. No nation is a sum of the negative stories. We always seek to be looking for places where God is at work. But, all nations have times of struggle and this was a year of struggle for South Africa. The government is facing the reality of rampant corruption. The massive divide between rich and poor is causing emotions to run high and hope to run low. Unfulfilled promises have caused overwhelming frustration resulting in widespread protest and sometimes violence.  A shortage of electricity and water is looms daily in the life of this nation.

With these challenges comes opportunity. Christmas reminds us that it got darker, darker and darker… and then Jesus was born. Darkness and difficulty is always an opportunity for light to shine brightly. We value your prayers for South Africa. 

Between the Headlines

Visiting Team
In October, we had the huge blessing of hosting an outreach team from the Worship Center church in Pennsylvania. What a massive blessing they were. The women on the team served at The Exchange retreat; cooking, cleaning and pampering the women! They also served youth, gave input to men, encouraged young fathers, and did a painting project to bless a widow. They were an amazing blessing in every way!

Reaching Every Location

  • The School of Biblical Studies is in 9 countries in Africa.
  • Chris or other co-workers from the Hub office, have been able to visit all of these locations for support and encouragement.
  • There are plans to plant 3 more Bible Schools in 3 new African countries.
  • Our local school has 31 new students currently studying the Bible verse by verse. Reading the entire Bible 5 times through in 9 months!


One big thing we do which can’t be photographed or put in to a statistic is mentoring. Both of us spend a lot of our time meeting one on one with people. A lot of is simply listening, encouraging, and praying. No matter how big the vision; relationships is always the primary strategy of Jesus modeled for us to follow.

Family Update

Another year is in the books for Garett and Thabo. In December they finish Grades 3 and 4. They both are doing so well, really working hard, and showing a lot of determination.

Both boys played Rugby and Soccer this year.  They love sports and seem to have boundless energy. Both boys are learning Afrikaans. Garett especially is immersed in learning this local language.

At 9 and almost 11 years old, we feel we are in such a sweet season of seeing who they are becoming.

This year we also celebrated our 13 wedding anniversary. It’s fun to be teenagers again!


Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and friendship!

Equipping the Saints

In 2015, both of us had a major new project we were working on. Here is an update!

Bible School Leaders Gather in Togo

Hub Gathering Togo

One of my (Chris)  main roles is serving as the School of Biblical Studies Africa leader in Youth With a Mission. This role allows me to influence and encourage the Bible School programs located in Africa with YWAM.

In August, I was able to travel to Togo for a gathering of our leaders. This is an event which began as a conversation in late 2013. We had people from 12 nations present, including all but 2 of our current schools on the African Continent. This was the first ever gathering of its kind in Africa.

It was a wonderful week to build relationship, hear the stories of both victory and difficulty, and learn from each other. We tackled difficult issues such as finances and disunity. There was such a sweet spirit of togetherness as we provided equipping and training. 

Many of these leaders serve in areas with little or no support. To feel like they are “known” and they have been “heard” was a huge morale boost.

We also took time to think strategically for how we can continue to grow in Africa, identifying some targets for future expansion. In a land of over 50 nations and literally thousands of languages, there is much work to do to reduce “Bible poverty.” 

This was a personal highlight for me to see this event start as an idea, grow into a fundraising effort, and culminate in something which exceeded my expectations. I am already looking forward to our next such gathering. 

The Exchange


I (Lindsey) have a huge heart for the women in this nation. Truly, they carry a massive load in their communities, places of work, churches and families. Time after time I am amazed at the challenges women face in leading their communities forward.

In October I will finally see a dream become reality of a weekend retreat for women to gain fresh strength, courage and hope in Jesus. A time for them to step away from all they carry and receive from God. This retreat is called, “The Exchange”. Please be praying for this time and these women!

Many of the women come from extremely challenging situations where the cost of this retreat would be too much. If you are interested in sponsoring, it costs $30 for one woman for the entire retreat. Please e-mail me and let me know!

Rwanda Twenty Years On…

I recently returned from a trip to Rwanda. This was the fulfillment of 6-7 years of prayer and preparation to plant a Bible School at the Youth With A Mission base.

I had a wonderful time teaching students from the region in both the Discipleship Training School and the School of Biblical Studies.


I met students and staff who had witnessed their families being slaughtered during this dark period of history.

In spite of this, it was impressive to see how far the nation of Rwanda has come in the last twenty years since a genocide killed more than a million people in just a few months.

Rwanda, like South Africa, used the power of forgiveness to bring transformation.


Rwanda in many ways has exceeded South Africa as they continue to implement forgiveness as a continual act.

Today Rwanda is one of the fastest growing African nations economically, is virtually free of corruption, and is peaceful enough to walk the streets alone at night.


It truly was a joy to see this nation “rise again” after such horrible events. I look forward to a return some day and continuing to see our Bible School grow and flourish.

Rwanda Flag