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Seasons are changing, students are coming and going, buildings are being purchased, kids are growing… time marches on.  Lots of various events have been happening around us, here is a smattering of updates, enjoy!
For those that have been around our youngest son, Thabo, you may have realized he has a lazy eye (or “squint” as they call it here).  We have been consulting a specialist and found that he needed a surgery.  This was to correct his eyes which has also improved his vision and depth perception.  The surgery was done a few weeks ago and he did so well!  He looks great now and has improved vision!  Thanks to every one who prayed for him.

(Thabo & Chris at the hospital.)

Recently we posted about Youth With A Mission’s 50th Anniversary.  Our campus here in Muizenberg hosted the celebration for all of YWAM in South/Central Africa.  It was a big endeavor with over 500 people in attendance.  It went so well and Lindsey was especially proud of our School of Performing Arts students who did the opening ceremony with South African and African dances and performances. You can click here to read an article about the event.

Our School of Biblical Studies students are nearing graduation which is exciting for us all!  They are working hard to finish well.  We will post graduation pictures soon.
We were also able to purchase the building that we were needing money for.  We still need more money to pay of the private loans that people gave our ministry.  But, the building is legally ours which is a miracle.

Life carries on in other ways.  The normal routines of life we go through here in Africa as every one does around the world.  Lindsey is going on her third year of teaching Sunday School at our local church.  The thing she swore she would never do:)  Here is a picture of some of the kids… most weeks it is all boys as you can see. It can be wild but they are sweet kids (besides those two rascals in blue:)

The boys are doing well.  We recently had Garett’s parent-teacher conference.  The teacher reported that “I haven’t had to tell Garett to ‘sit still’ one time all year, he is so good”.  After we got over our shock, it was good to hear.  Thabo also is doing well.  He is interested in cars, dinosaurs and playing with his good friend and neighbor, Nasi (see below). Those two spell “trouble”!

Since we live in the Southern Hemisphere, we are in the winter season.  Most of you reading this are enjoying the beginnings of summer. Winter can be quite cold so that means lots of coffee, hot chocolate and reading books.  If you haven’t checked out our book list for 2010, then you can click here for Chris’s and here for Lindsey’s.  Here is Garett enjoying a good book and hot chocolate on a sunny Saturday morning date with Mom.

Check those lists through out the year as we keep them updated as we read.

The big news this winter is the coming of the World Cup.  For all of you Americans, this is the world soccer tournament. It is the most watched sporting event in the world (NOT the Olympics!).  Every four years it happens and this year it is happening in South Africa! This is a first for the whole continent of Africa, thus a very proud moment for all Africans. It starts in five days and we couldn’t be more excited.  It is like a madness has infected the whole country, flags are waving every where you look, people are smiling all over and there is just a general buzz of excitement.  As you can see, even the Grannies are getting into it.  Viva Football!!

Finally, we will end with something random.  We have lived here for a number of years so most of life seems “normal” to us.  That is, we are used to how things are done in South Africa and no longer notice the differences from our home culture.  But, every once in a while I  (Lindsey) see something and think, “If an American saw this, then they would find this very odd”.  I took a picture of one such thing last week.  I purchase eggs at the grocery store every week, don’t even think about it.  I randomly thought, this past week… “I think an American might find something odd about this picture.”  For all of you Americans, take a look and see what you notice is “out of place” from what you deem “normal”.






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